The Justice Society of America: The Animated Series exists solely in the minds of the customizers of the CUSTOMIZING mailing list but that didn't stop us from making our favorite JSA members.

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Character Customizer Email
Atom Open  
Batman Bill Burns williamb@rocketmail.com
Black Canary Chris Galdieri eadsk@GUSUN.GEORGETOWN.EDU
Doctor Fate Vincent Tan vinctan@cyberway.com.sg
Doctor Mid-Nite Mike Yacullo mike.yacullo@harpercollins.com
Flash Christopher Wiggenhorn wiggenhorn@STAT.UMN.EDU
Green Lantern Last Jedi lastjedi@erols.com
Hawkgirl Keith Ahlstrom koda@cts.com
Hawkman Robin MacRorie macrorie.1@nd.edu
Hourman Matt J. Britton mbritton@LA.CREATURESHOP.HENSON.COM
Huntress Anna Scipione ascipione@qualcomm.com
Miss America Keith Ahlstrom koda@cts.com
Mister Terrific Bill Burns williamb@rocketmail.com
Power Girl Kevin rousseau@GWIS2.CIRC.GWU.EDU
Red Tornado I Richard Medley medleyr@aol.com
Red Tornado II Richard Medley medleyr@aol.com
Robin Bill Burns williamb@rocketmail.com
Sandman Ken Goach mothra@freewwweb.com
Spectre Baldwyn Chieh baldwyn@mediamatics.com
Starman Chuck Hatfield chat@thor.pla-net.net
Star Spangled Kid Fat Sal FatSall@aol.com
Superman Rick Radcliff radclifr@pims.org
Wildcat Bill Burns williamb@rocketmail.com

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